What's up internet

Hey you, my name is Ahmad, I was born in 1/1/1991, that's not so young not too old. And yeah, lots of ones right there.
Currently I live in
Egypt, and no, we don't ride camels to go to work, we live the 21st century so we ride people instead.
I now live lived in Linz, Austria
For real now, I live in Vienna

I love technology, actually i am a very enthusiastic about the domination of machines upon this world, so i am trying to Make 'Em succeed in this mission.

I have no more words to say about myself right now so, let me put a picture of my head and
say bye bye!

Ahmad's Head

An updated image made by the amazing MAU


Contact me

You may noticed that there's no comment section in the blog, instead,
you can Comment or Ask me any thing here.

  • My twitter account is @ahmgeek.
  • My email is ahmgeek AT icloud dot com.
  • If all of this is not enough, then think in me deeply, a mental-communication bridge maybe opens up between us.


//TODO: You are awesome, write more words about your self