What if I told you a truth that no-one knows except me?A shocking truth, that might change you entirely.Condoning the ways about how this truth came to me,Will you believe it ?

Sometimes you need to shock people in order for them to realize the ultimatum. It’s a life experience after all, and people adapt..

In order to make you believe the truth that I know, I need to convince you of the opposite of all of your beliefs, life experiences, memories and change your overall consciousness. That’s why I believe letting the truth shock you is the most effective way.

People make assumptions all the time, I know that for a fact, I actually hear it sometimes, when people say things like “Oh, I thought you were a religious person”. That was an assumption, they assumed something about you, then they were shocked that they were wrong most of the time, but they adapt, if they had it in them to accept the truth about you first of course. But, don’t mistake assumptions for judgments, they are different.

I believe I am the king of demolishing assumptions and icons. Sounds arrogant eh? Well, I get irritated easily when people make assumptions in front of me, or judge someone in front of me, I then shock them with most of my beliefs, again you don’t need to know them really, but if you insist, I’ll mention a tiny one of my beliefs; I believe that we’re not that important, we will die, we’re all gonna die, There are only a few of whom got the luck to leave a legacy for humans, Hitler was one of those by the way. And even, after some time? Humans will become extinct. It’s Inevitable.

These are my beliefs, and again they’re not important, they only belong to me, and me only. I don’t try to feed them to people. However, people always try to convince you with their thoughts and beliefs. They all assume something about you, then when they’re shocked at the truth about you, they may judge you by being stupid at best.

I know a method that helps me in these situation, I have been using it for sometime now, and it works perfectly.

Firstly, I try to be a quiet person, and a good listener. I try to find out what assumptions have been made against me. Then I shock them with the truth in a nice way. I can’t tell you the sauce of this step, it’s a gift.I swear.

With the nice way of shocking others, you will gain over 85% of people’s acceptance, you don’t need anyone’s acceptance by the way, fuck them and fuck their assumptions, but in a work environment for instance, you need most of the people’s acceptance, because you do lots of social engagements with them and because you need to help the poor beings to acquire the natural norm of brotherhood that you have.

After your granted acceptance, if you add a hint of satire and joy in every word you say, they will adapt. They will feel you’re the person who says what they can’t because of the general appearance in society, and because you believe that society needs to go fuck itself, you never feel sorry for words you say. Don’t forget, satire and joy. Delight them, the poor humans need that.

Habitual comes last, it’s the end of every thing, when you train a human about some habits, and they do it for a while, it becomes a part of their lives. It happens when you brush your teeth every morning. that’s you accepting the truth about the unpleasant smell of your breath, and that is you training yourself to gain a habit of brushing your teeth every morning. A simple cycle that works for complex humans.

There’s an issue though about my method, when people get used to your joy and satire, specially in a working environment, you will fight them to take you seriously when you need to, and sometimes, they will be skeptic about your professionalism at work. That’s the moment when you know you need to balance between who you are and how you should act.

I fail at implementing this actually, and that’s OK for me! I can convince people to take me seriously in a lot of ways, but perhaps not at first. That’s why Balancing is a good way to handle these situations, it’s not the only way of course as I don’t use it.

When I say humans being bros, I mean humans being bros, being a brother to your fellow humans, infecting their lives with joy, and being a valuable professional one when life needs to be. It’s a hard formula and balancing may fail here from time to time, but you will succeed at this, because I believe that every human has it inside them, you only need to accept the truth, adapt to it, and to make a habit out of it..

Enjoy your life, live as you’re play.