Our story is one of those stories, that embody mixtures of fun, thrill and good advice. And as most of the stories, it’s exposing us to the human being itself; his desires, that in turns plays a main role in his life philosophy.

Our story begins with a poor kid, not that kind of poverty that involves a very deep miserable state in life that needs a huge amount of fights against the Capitalism force of the world.No, he was poor because he wanted to write about his sadness, his wounds that got thickens by bad days. but he couldn’t find a place to vomits all of that.Well, he is a developer, and we all know that most of the developers - maybe all of them - have blogs. And blogs are not a suitable place for these kind of writing.

Suddenly, while he was wiping his tears, eating pizza to healing his wounds, surfing the dark side of Reddit. From nowhere, that Site opens up in front of him!Our poor kid knew Medium, actually he tried before to write on Medium, but the lacking of Arabic support prevented him from trying again…This Manshar thing, was different, it somehow was a clone of Medium, but in Arabic…

the Arabic publishing Platform Manshar مَنْشَر

Another story begins little earlier, when Mohammad Khatib, noticed something weird while he was answering nature’s call.

The Arabic content on the web was too small, but no one really tried hard to solve this issue, even Wikipedia’s Arabic content, is much less than any other peer. “Weird grrrr”

  • said Khatib while an echo of water droplets Audible from the scene’s background.

Khatib started building Manshar along with a very small team distributed between Rammallah, Nables in Palestine and Mountain View in US as he works there in Google. The team has increased gradually since then including fellows from Egypt, and other Arabian countries as well.

The project wasn’t meant to be a replacement for Medium, like what china did with twitter, the project is meant to deliver a good writing experience for Arabian writers, and a medium for their voices to be heard. Also the intention of building it in the Open, and to indulges whoever wanted to involve in, refutes the Idea of “bad cloning”.Manshar still in the beta version. The team works when he has time to fix and maintain it. It’s very promising indeed…

Ahmad, our poor kid, after finding Manshar, was able enough to express his thoughts, also, was able to share it with the world… well, was almost able to share it!

The platform as a solid unit, as a package, as a site, or even as a medium, was still in the beta version, the users base still very small, very promising of course; people love it, but still, it’s small in size, small in features, small in the reaction base. the people prefer the social networks because of the condense of the content with the small length of the characters.Ahmad, has deleted his facebook account recently, he never felt good before that. “that shitty facebook thing is sneaky”.So, he decided to help Manshar getting more attention. and to give another sight for the people who prefer social media. He is a developer, the problem is, Manshar uses tools that Ahmad never knew before, but his determination, his intentions that we might be proud enough to quote on his behalf: “Let’s FUCKIN rock this lovely Manshar..”.was encouraging enough to let him start coding things that he never knew he able to code.

Ahmad, the full of shit dude and the bag of sweets team.

This story needs a realistic vision. behind the scene, Ahmad was a Zero on the left beside the team. Manshar’s lovely team:

The real dude who takes the responsibility when all fellows runs, was Khatib, he pushes tons of code to the Repo, he is the almighty God of Mansahr, the one who takes care of everything, from guiding the team to revamping every single task that fails.

He speaks politely with the dudes who debates about technologies that runs Manshar, we all know that people who likes to debate and do nothing are just bags of shit, but let’s face it, we need to make our world a better place to raise kids that we will make sure they don’t fall in problems and hatred like us.. Right ? Hah ? Khatib was that kind of dudes, the democratic one, so he debates with almost everyone, trying to give and take rational speech about everything.

Rasha, the wizard of Manshar, she takes care of the UI/Front-End things along with whoever send decent pull requests to help paint Manshar. Rasha was the 2nd person in the team, so she was able to see the platform rise upon her eye’s sight. That gave here the wisdom of the wise. This wisdom illustrated when someone ran off the team; she say “Let’s remove that asshole from Slack”.

Rasha also helps with virtual meetings with the authors to take some feedbacks with the writing and even using the platform. In a short words, Rasha is awesome.

You see, it will be pure gibberish to talk about all of the team, we can shorten the words as “ they are awesome” specially that Gaber, Mad Hugs for you.

And that’s dears, the wisest story at the mean time, the story that started with a poor kid, and ended while the poor kid has turned into a Manshar fetish kid. A kid who may fall in love and hate, may be sad, but will always write on Manshar to express his shit