Just starting to make writing in English a habit again, so I will make this post short and sweet.

This year I’ve only read 12 books. I will put my picks of 2020 here.

  • At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails - Sarah Bakewell
  • Rapport sur moi (Report on myself) - Grégoire Bouillier
  • The Waste Land - T. S. Eliot
  • El prisionero del cielo (The Prisoner of Heaven) - Carlos Ruiz Zafón
  • Briefe an einen jungen Dichter (Letters to a Young Poet) - Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Sachlicher Bericht über das Glück, ein Morphinist zu sein (Short Treatise on the Joys of Morphinism) - Hans Fallada

As enormously as I’d like to talk about these books, I know that reading’s taste opposes from one person to another. And, to be completely frank, I seldom review my books. Growing up with reading taught me to appreciate the book and absorb it more than showing the people why I like it. Reading is personal.